Saturday, 10 September 2016

How to watch Wicked the Musical with your 5-year old son

...or, how I watched Wicked the Musical with my 5 year-old son :D

Yup, finally, after getting to know Wicked last year in August, then fangirling for about four to five months, I got to finally watch Wicked a year later, here, in my very own Sydney! Haven't written anything about it here but I'm eager to document these step-by-step how-to of how I manage to get my son to enjoy the 2.5-hour musical with my husband and me (Getting your husband to go with you and watch the show is much easier as he is a grown-up and he is your husband, after all  but with your kid?....).

How to watch a 2.5-hour musical show with a five-year old boy

A. Long before the show (when you actually didn't know if you ever get to watch the show... :D)

1. Singing the songs over and over again that he unconsciously starts singing them too 

The very first song (and phrase) my son caught was not Defying Gravity, but "nothing matters, but nothing watermelon...." of Dancing Through Life . (Note: It's actually "nothing matters, but nothing really matters..". And this was a year ago, after my first encounter with Wicked, haha.

"...when you're dancing.. through life..."

2. Getting him to know what it's all about

"Do you know what song it is?"
"It's called Dancing Through Life. It's from my favourite show. It's called Wicked. It's about a green witch."

And thereafter we referred to Wicked as "The Green Witch Show" :D.

3. Getting him to know that you're fangirling it it's your favourite show

What I did including:

3.a. Making Lego minifigures of your favourite Wicked characters to reenact your favourite Wicked scenes

Yup, everybody's favourite 
See other scenes in my other post: Elphaba Fiyero Lego

3.b. Getting a Wicked piano book (and of course, trying to play it)

My son actually liked flipping through the pages... and selected a random page.. 
"Can you play this?" :D

Hmm what else I think I did much more than those.... XD Will add later if I remember more.

B. A couple of weeks before the show

When I finally secured our tickets to an Australian Production's Wicked (no, we were not risking our short time in NYC and money for a Broadway's Wicked), I thought I should make some preparations. In Stephen Schwartz's website he answered someone asking about her plan bringing her first-grader student: "I think a six-year old is too young to bring to a full-length musical, regardless of content, unless he or she is a very sophisticated six-year-old with a two-and-a-half-hour attention span."

Uh-oh. He's actually right. Need to do something about it.
Okay. My son already knew about the green witch but he needed to know more about it. At least before the show he should be familiar already with the main characters and plot. 

4. Getting him familiar with the main characters and plot

So... what I did was trying to create a simple book with pics from the internet. Some of the pics I took from people I know in tumblr. (Note: If I use it only for myself (my son), what is the appropriate level of crediting the artist?)

My son added the "by Ibu" (by mommy).

Ah let’s forget few typos here and there XD. Pics credit goes to and

5. Talking about it and what to expect

C. On the day of the show

6. Just like when you're preparing your son for a movie in the cinema (but this is longer!): foods, drinks, and a prayer XD

Well this is clear. Like a preparation for a movie in the cinema but this one is longer (1.5 + 1 hours!), so prepare more foods and drinks (and pray so that he would sit still and quiet for the whole show). What I forgot was I brought foods in plastic packaging so it got a bit noisy when he opened it. Should remember it next time.

Haha that was fun to write! So how was the show going and how about him? I could say that it went quite well :-). Should write it next time :-)


  1. okay fangirl, you're definitely and seriously obsessed to this Wicked :p i thought you're already over it by now. hahaha!

    1. I actually was! But then in April I heard that there'd be one of the Australian productions' playing in Paramatta, Sydney, in August! And I'm on fire again! XD