Saturday, 20 August 2016

Tentang menghitung tegangan dan resistor pembagi tegangan: pengalaman tutoring praktikum di sini :D

"Seperti yang sudah saya ceritakan kemarin....
errr... itu maksudnya kalau aku sudah tulis post tentang ceritaku jadi tutor praktikum (yang istilahnya "lab demonstrator" kalo di kampusku di sini).. apa daya 'belum sempat' (selalu alasan yang sama :( :D) jadi yah...

Seperti yang sudah belum saya ceritakan kemarin.. mulai semester ini saya memberanikan diri mendaftar menjadi tutor praktikum di kampus saya di sini (sengaja tidak sebut nama di post  ini, sudah sering disebut di blog ini :p). Mata kuliahnya adalah mata kuliah dasar teknik elektro di tahun pertama, seputar rangkaian listrik, hukum Kirchhoff, hubungan seri dan paralel,teorema rangkaian seperti Thévenin dan Norton, dan seterusnya.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

First time sharing a ride with strangers: 8-hour journey, Darmstadt to Berlin

BEC's challenge this week is about "first time". I was thinking of writing about my first times in various airports around the world, but didn't really feel like doing it until this idea popped up.

It was motivated by two true stories that I came across in the internet about two weeks ago. The first one is about someone who was sexually harassed by her airbnb host. This young lady booked a place through airbnb with a listing mentioning "the guest will be sharing a room with the host", which turned out to be a daunting "sharing the bed with the host" instead the day she got there.  
The other one is about a rape attempt in Oslo, Norway. Another young lady left the T Bane (Norwegian train?) stop, at around 8 PM when a man followed her and later tried to rape her. I felt sorry for both of them -both happened to be Indonesian- and of course for others who experienced similar incidents, and I hope they can stay strong after these incidents. On the other hand, when I read the story for the first time, I still had this kind of thinking like "Well she should not have done that in the first place...". I mean, the booking the lady made through airbnb.. She already knew the host was a man. Sharing a flat with this stranger seems still okay..but sharing a room? Didn't she have any concerns when finally she decided to book that place? Didn't any thoughts of bad things that might happen come to her mind?

....well, maybe no.
....because suddenly I remember myself ten years ago.

I wasn't even twenty five at that time. I was in Germany for my master and that was my first time travelling and living abroad. Everything was new and so exciting. It was a semester holiday and I planned to travel to Barcelona with a friend of mine. She lived in Berlin, and since I've never been there, I wanted to visit her first and then go together from there.

I soon discovered that going by train was quite pricey, so I started to look at an option that I've heard often: Carsharing. Sharing a car journey with other people, reducing each person's travel cost. The popular "provider" at that time was mitfahrergelegenheit or we used to call it mitfahrer. I checked through their website and found out that I just needed to pay 15 to 25 Euros instead of around 70 Euros if I went by train. I consulted a close friend who was a student tutor (a "helper" for the students in the dorm) and he said he frequently used this service. No need to worry. With him backing me up finally I signed up for a ride from Darmstadt to Berlin in a guy's Opel for 15 Euros.