Sunday, 13 December 2015

Ten Years From Now [EF #33]

This week's BEC challenge is writing a letter for our ten-year-older selves. But pardon me please for not writing any letter :D . Instead I'll share something about planning, based on my experience (and as a reminder for myself), something I always want to share. 

I find it hard to imagine about life ten years from now. Five years time span is okay... but ten years is too long I think :D . Although I do understand that our life in the next ten years depends on our steps from now on. 

Frankly speaking, I don't even remember if I was used to making plans ahead.. Not until I started thinking of doing PhD that I started to get used to it. Maybe because during that time (and now) there are several clear deadlines, which made it easier for me to plan. 

As an example (and reminder), it took me about one year from the preparation of a PhD study until I really started the program. I just realised I had to start working on it once my husband flew to Sydney (to start his own PhD), Dec 2011. I started working on the application and searching for potential supervisor which also took some time. At the same time I also needed to have the required IELTS score for applying the program. I had to check how long would it take to have an IELTS test result. And.... hong much longer would it take if I wasn't successful in getting the required score and needed to take another test. Also, preparing the scholarship application and contacting my referees (which might also take some time).

Okay. So to make long story short: With all those preparations started in Jan 2012, I finally got to start my PhD a year later in 2013. That with even giving up my dream of getting the Australian government scholarship, because the timeline didn't match very well with my situation. If I still tried to apply for it, I needed to wait until the next year (2013) to know the result. If I was successful, the fastest pre-departure training would be 6 weeks so the earliest time I could start was July 2013. 

But that only if I was successful..otherwise I would have to start even later...
So. See how one step of my life needed at least one year preparation? 

During the study itself there were some other deadlines which made me get used to planning far ahead. For example, even since the beginning of my study, I had set my mind to finish in 3.5 years. So I had to think a strategy to fulfil all the requirements in the given time frame, including planning for my projects (and few alternatives if they would fail :( ), and planning several conference and journal publications to support my thesis. So, again I had to plan ahead. For example, a conferece paper submission deadline is usually 6 to 12 months before the conference date, so I should plan based on this too.

Now as I'm approaching the end of my (hopefully successful :p) study, one of the most important deadline is of course my thesis submission, which I plan to be Aug 2016. So I need to allocate my tasks to the time left. Another important "deadline" is......when (and consequently, where) to have our second child :p.

This will definitely affect the decision of when we will go back to Indonesia. I'm 33 now and if possible, insya Allah, I would like to have a second child before I reach 35. If I plan to follow some of my fellow students (or their spouses :P ) to have children here, I'll have to calculate the time of the pregnancy plus the earliest age of the baby being able to fly back to Indonesia. And that is only a plan.. you know they say "Man proposes, God disposes" :D Other plan would be to wait until all of us move back to Indonesia.. which means (I think) the earlier, the better. Oww quite complicated isn't it! There are also concerns about visa (and consequently related financial matters) and Hanif's school age that need to be considered.

So yeah. I could talk much about short term plan but get freaked out with the long term plan. In ten years (if God lets us to live that long) I will be 43, my parents will be around 70, my son will be 15 and my second child would be around 8 or 9 (or 10 :P)? I don't see any clear deadlines but hopefully in ten years: (*practising the future perfect tense :P *)
:we will have paid off our debt (for our house)
:we will have always been financially stable (although I don't exactly know what that means hahaha xD. Maybe I mean, both of us have savings and investment, and no more debts xD )
:my younger brother will have started a family and settled down

hmm what else?
:we will have contributed some things to our country and society.. 
:..including, I hope we will have raised children and family who hold strong positive values

That's all my hope for the upcoming years. I will add as I remember more. :D
Thanks for reading this :D. Best of luck to you too :D. 


  1. you will add as you remember more? Well..keep it coming, gurl. Don't hold back :) and i wish you'll be finishing your study as you have beautifully planned. And wouldn't it be sweet to see little version of Vita (or Irfan)? Hehe! Yup, best of luck, gurl! May the force be with you (gak nyambung kalimat trakhr gw)

  2. Wowwwww... You have a lot of deadlines hehehehe
    I hope you can finish them all and of course keep doing the best for your plan!

    When I read it, I directly think what will I be in the future even you have already reached the 33 years old and you keep studying. Woahhh... I'm gonna do ma best to finish my study hehehehehe

    1. I think we all are learning (and studying) something from life, and it doesn't need to come with a degree :D
      Good luck for you too :D

  3. oh no... aku jg blm ada bayangan 10 tahun lagi bakal ngapain. hidupku cuma berusaha survive dari hari ke hari, dari bulan ke bulan :(

    1. Iya bagiku 10 tahun kepanjangan.. kalau jangka pendek sih masih ada gambaran2 gitu..

  4. Oh wow. you made me take a very deep breath Bu Vita. I don't even think about my life as detailed as you do/did. Wow.

    1. Really? Anyway, I learned a lot from you, especially in thinking details of financial matters :D

  5. if your second child is born in Autralia, it will be precious thing in "akte" :D

    1. Hehehe.. Anyway, what makes me interested of having a child here is that I want to know the difference between the prenatal health service here and in Indonesia :D