Saturday, 3 October 2015

Songs in English by Indonesian Singers [EF #28]

This week EF challenge is about song. And my idea is to write a post about songs in English which were originally sung by Indonesia singers. As I start writing this post I get to think that, whatever you want to be, nowadays, foreign language skill (especially English?) is very important skill you need to have. Say you want to be a singer. Well, I'm sure there are so many people who have good voice and singing ability. But if you are a singer with good English as well, then you have more chances to stand out and be more widely recognised. I remember when two friends of mine released their indie album, --most of the songs were in English--, I really liked it and I recommended it to some of my non Indonesian friends. And it's easy to get them listen to it and like it (and even buy it and share it more widely to their circles).

Regarding this, I kinda envy the Malaysians for their Yuna Zarai whom I consider being successful in building her career internationally (and in my personal opinion is more unique and better recognised than Indonesians' Agnezmo, sorry to say.. --but I still wish the best for her...). Anyway, here is the list of the songs in English by Indonesian singers, not in any order, I just write it randomly based on what comes to my mind. Feel free to add more! 

Let us change the world with love | We can make a better future | and if we stand together as one
We don't need those bitter hearts | It's just a waste of time | It's time to share the love we have | Cause that's the reason we all survive 
Those four are all my favourites. Glenn and Shandy in one song! And that couple. Also. I remember Endah n Rhesa wrote almost all of their songs (or all?) in English (with really good grammar!). Their songs are good too. 

Unlock your power reveal what you can really do
no more running away, today go fight your way
And sing your mind out, sing without doubt
let me hear your voice, I wanna hear what you say
sing your mind out 
I just knew about this song just now! In her youtube channel it's said to be her "official international single". I hope she'll make it. Another Sherina's song in English which is my favourite one is Better Than Love. Despite a small grammar error in the lyrics, it is a really nice song about "a feeling which is not love, maybe even better" ("Love's too strong and a bit cliché | for now this is enough, I've got a long way").

Just keep being you...
Now this is quite new and I put my hope on this girl. The song is simple yet catchy. Btw can I tell you that I was performing at the same stage with her almost 10 years ago (when she was still 12 or 13 (?) and I was around 22-23, haha..)? So I could tell you that this girl is really talented. Like Sherina, she plays musical instruments and writes her own songs. Now that she's been taking formal (higher degree) music education, I think she's a complete package as a really special singer.

Can't remember a time I didn't love you | Can't remember a day when you were not on my mind
Yes, KD has an English song too! Written by Diane Warren!

5. I Do I Will Fly (Ten2Five) 

I think Ten2Five wrote more songs in English, not only these two. But I only remember these two as they are my favourites. They were released more than 10 years ago but they're still nice to listen to.

Other Indonesian artists who I remember having songs/albums in English is Mocca. But.. I'm not a really big fan of them so I couldn't think of particular song to share here, haha.. Maliq & D'essentials also has some English songs on their albums. I also remember one singer (again..long time ago haha..) named Andrini who released an album with some songs in English (which I liked!). Oh, I just found this: Gita Gutawa's new English single. And I also just remember Rinni Wulandari released some songs in English last time (I didn't really like them though..)

Okay so that's all I can remember, I will add more if I remember more. Btw I'm having good time writing this! Listening to all those good songs. I hope you're having good time too reading (and listening) this. :D


  1. I have high hopes for Isyana. Her voice is like a fresh air! and her english song sounds nice. All she need now is the right producer who can make her to the top! If only David Foster is around :)

    1. And as far as I have noticed, her voice is really stable during live shows. Hey btw have u checked Yuna Zarai's video? She's really good too

  2. Agmo..... Yayyy. *langsung kaboooor biar gak dilempar bakiak sama Vita*

    Well, I never heard Isnaya's song but many friends said that she is good. And I do really hope Indonesian singer will go internationally one day.

    1. wkwk emang kenapa kok dilempar bakiak? Aku murni berharap Agmo bisa sukses go internasyenel kok.. Btw coba klik link2nya yan, dengerin lagunya isyana ama yuna zarai, bagus yan