Sunday, 23 August 2015

Birthday Project: Elphaba & Fiyero Lego Minifigs (Yay!!)

elphaba fiyero
Very First Encounter
"Is this really how you go through life? Nearly knocking people over and not even noticing them?!"
"Maybe the driver saw green and thought it meant go."

My birthday is still a week away but I couldn't wait to start building and then share this! Yay! (warning: there'll be lots of 'yay' straight face). Let's see.. so I started to be really obsessed with Wicked (the musical) early this month and have been doing various things related to it... including planning this Elphaba - Fiyero project. Yes I know that the main theme of Wicked is not about them; it's about the (evolution of) friendship between the main characters i.e. [the wicked witch] Elphaba and [the good witch] Glinda (otherwise the poster will not show the two ladies happy). But still I'm into the love triangle part and of course the green girl and that Winkie prince! Elphaba and Fiyero became my favourite couple (which also got me trying to remember which other fav couple I had previously... which was The X Files' Mulder and Scully cool. Years ago I had their chibi-version poster hanging on my wall for quite a long time.).

elphaba fiyero in wicked
[A hint of romance] By the Lion Cub
". . . You're bleeding."
"I am?"

So I might expect some Lego maniacs (and wicked musical maniacs.. should be both I think raised eyebrows) will randomly stumble upon this post so... big hug welcome! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! 

From the beginning I decided that I will not put too much effort and money for this one, it's only for fun. I tried to use any Lego parts that we had already at home. But of course I still needed to buy witch's properties and a green minifig as Elphaba. I've seen some other pics in the internet and surveyed some minifig possibilities: Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy), Oola from Starwars, witch minifigure, and statue of liberty. Unfortunately, to me, the face expressions of the first three didn't really suit Elphaba, so I opted for Liberty, although this is not really satisfying either (and also her color is sand green. Oola's skin color would suit better.). I spent around $20 buying these things including a braided hair. As for the rest, I just searched from our Legos. So don't be surprised if you see Elphie is wearing a fat chef uniform (instead of her white jacket uniform xD) and else... :p

elphaba fiyero
'Elphaba, good luck.'
"About the lion cub and everything. I think about that day a lot. "
"So do I."

I have to thank the Wicked bootlegs (and of course those who recorded them) that I can refer to them (Note: my fav cast is still the Donna - Alli - Kyle Dean trio from Feb 10 2013, the first one that I saw in youtube -- it might be taken down any time btw-- and even after seeing different shows, it is still my most loved cast.). 

elphaba fiyero lego in wicked (musical)
'Silence, Witch!'

I recreated that 'Silence, Witch!' scene because I just realised that Elphaba's witch broom hadn't been used anywhere (while I already bought it!)... so yeah.. need to do that scene..

Interestingly, my husband commented on the rifle gun held by Fiyero. He said it's not Lego (might be Kre-O or Megablocks which are Lego compatible) and told me that Lego had this kind of "anti war" policy; that's why they don't have any modern military-related sets (they have this kind of 'military' sets for ancient theme such as Viking as well as fictional theme such as Star Wars though). He also thought that the gun looked too modern. He showed me an 'older' style rifle gun from the pirate castle set which, yes, looked more like what Fiyero had in the musical... but I was already too lazy (and tired) to redo the set-up and retake pics.

elphaba fiyero lego in wicked musical
The Great Gillikin Forest

(Note 1: Everyone's favourite "As Long as You're Mine" scene. Yay! :p
Note 2: I'm still not sure actually. Did that scene take place in the Great Gillikin Forest? The creator's official website mentioned that but still I'm not sure...)

I'd really love to recreate the singing and talking scene (and quote "I wish I could be beautiful for you.") but yeah.. I would have to do another face-to-face lego minifig scene, which started to bore me.. So there it is as an alternative, that famous lantern-holding pose by Fiyero blushing.

elphaba fiyero lego in wicked musical
The Scarecrow and the Witch

You might know already that in the famous The Wizard of Oz movie Dorothy was accompanied by the cowardly lion, the tin woodman, and the scarecrow. The relationship to the musical is that the lion is the one released from the cub by Elphaba and Fiyero, and the tin woodman is Boq as the result of Elphaba trying to save him from Nessa's backfiring curse. When the guards tortured Fiyero to tell where Elphaba ran, she also hopelessly tried to cast a spell to save his life, unknowingly turned him into a scarecrow. I read somewhere, somebody wondered why Fiyero didn't get furious (like Boq) when he was turned to a scarecrow. Well.. it's all stated in the letter that Elpha received and read before the final scenes. The audience never really knows what's in the letter but I found out that it is a real one:

That's not Fiyero's signature, btw :p (Image source: here)

Lego actually has some scarecrow minifigs but I remember I couldn't find any seller in Australia. I also ordered a kind of tall hat as the scarecrow's hat but I couldn't wait for it to arrive haha.. So let's just put on any black hat.

Finally, once again I want to let you know that it's been so much fun making these stuff! I hope you enjoy them too! And now... just like what the scarecrow Fiyero said to Elphaba, "It's time to go.". 
Happy Wicked-ing! :p

elphaba fiyero
'It's time to go.'


  1. WOW...quite an effort with the lego-scene there! Very well done :-)
    But wait a this a family project? i mean Hanif helping you as well? or only your husband? Such Wicked Couple :D Hehe..*peace yo ;-)

    1. No, this is purely mine, "to feed my own ambition" (modified quote from Wicked's Defying Gravity, haha..). My husband only acted as a "lego consultant" (he's one lego maniac), not all the time though and that's also why I missed that rifle gun part. He also taught me to use his camera for taking good pics. And I think that's why I'm really happy with the result!
      Thx for dropping by, happy bday for us! :-)

    2. Granted, the pics are amazing. I was actually imagining you would make a video out of your lego figures. It would be like a couple minutes of Wicked scene for the latest Lego movie (not that i watch any of the lego movies, but i saw their teaser). Anyway, You two made a great team (and three, should Hanif be involved). Wicked indeed :)

    3. I found few actually, stop motion videos. but from the start I wanted it to be pics and only elphaba and fiyero. these two characters are actually just a small part of the whole story.
      ok please let me stop babbling about my wicked obsession T_T

  2. Stumbled across these and love your work. Keep the green flag flying high!


    1. Awww thank you! Googled u and found ur twitter! Thanks for spreading this out <3
      I've finally watched my very first Wicked last weekend through the non-replica one in Paramatta, Sydney!