Saturday, 22 August 2015

Birthday Project: Elphaba & Fiyero Lego Minifigs (Yay!!)

elphaba fiyero
Very First Encounter
"Is this really how you go through life? Nearly knocking people over and not even noticing them?!"
"Maybe the driver saw green and thought it meant go."

My birthday is still a week away but I couldn't wait to start building and then share this! Yay! (warning: there'll be lots of 'yay' straight face). Let's see.. so I started to be really obsessed with Wicked (the musical) early this month and have been doing various things related to it... including planning this Elphaba - Fiyero project. Yes I know that the main theme of Wicked is not about them; it's about the (evolution of) friendship between the main characters i.e. [the wicked witch] Elphaba and [the good witch] Glinda (otherwise the poster will not show the two ladies happy). But still I'm into the love triangle part and of course the green girl and that Winkie prince! Elphaba and Fiyero became my favourite couple (which also got me trying to remember which other fav couple I had previously... which was The X Files' Mulder and Scully cool. Years ago I had their chibi-version poster hanging on my wall for quite a long time.).

elphaba fiyero in wicked
[A hint of romance] By the Lion Cub
". . . You're bleeding."
"I am?"

So I might expect some Lego maniacs (and wicked musical maniacs.. should be both I think raised eyebrows) will randomly stumble upon this post so... big hug welcome! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do! 

From the beginning I decided that I will not put too much effort and money for this one, it's only for fun. I tried to use any Lego parts that we had already at home. But of course I still needed to buy witch's properties and a green minifig as Elphaba. I've seen some other pics in the internet and surveyed some minifig possibilities: Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy), Oola from Starwars, witch minifigure, and statue of liberty. Unfortunately, to me, the face expressions of the first three didn't really suit Elphaba, so I opted for Liberty, although this is not really satisfying either (and also her color is sand green. Oola's skin color would suit better.). I spent around $20 buying these things including a braided hair. As for the rest, I just searched from our Legos. So don't be surprised if you see Elphie is wearing a fat chef uniform (instead of her white jacket uniform xD) and else... :p

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Re: Comfort Zone

Kenapa judulnya ada "Re" nya? Karena ini adalah reply untuk post ndutyke berjudul Comfort Zone kemarin. Bukan itu aja sih, ini juga jawaban untuk diriku sendiri yang kmrn juga jadi bertanya2 setelah baca post nya ndutyke. Jadi kemarin baru baca paragraf awalnya yg begini: "Aku pribadi blm ngeh dengan prinsip ‘leaving the comfort zone’. Not that I against it. I just simply dont understand why we should leave our comfort zone. Karena katanya klo sudah berada di comfort zone, nanti people will stuck in it dan gak berkembang karena nggak ada challenge nya."

Terus aku kayak mikir "iya ya kenapa ya?". Tapi aku malah penasaran, karena aku ingat, di buku yg aku baca jaman ABG dulu, bukunya Sean Covey yg 7 kebiasaan remaja efektif, nyebut2 ttg "zona nyaman" ini. Googling2 sebentar, dan ada sedikit pencerahan, dan aku pun sudah meninggalkan komentar super panjang di post ndutyke batting eyelashes

Untung aku masih bisa curi2 preview buku ini di page google books

(Sean Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Image captured from google books preview page

See that first sentence? "What's so wrong about enjoying your comfort zone?" Nothing. In fact, much of our time should be spent there. Kurasa pertanyaanku dan ndutyke sudah terjawab. Lalu selanjutnya, kenapa masih harus keluar dari comfort zone? The answer that (I think) I found yesterday was... because sometimes we need to.. Aku sempat mikir2 sedikit dan ternyata banyak contohnya..

Another captured image from google books preview page