Friday, 13 March 2015

Lontong Kupang :D [EF#10]

Ahaha I thought I'd never make it to finally taking a part in one of EF's challenges (while I'm one of their loyal readers smug ). But 'the universe' brought my husband and I this afternoon for lunch where we met a friend. He was talking about food, and one particular food you might be able to find only in Sidoarjo / Surabaya (and surrondings), East Java: Lontong Kupang big grin.

I wish I had my own lontong kupang pic! but this one is from wikipedia.

EF's challenge this week is about favourite Indonesian food. I didn't plan to write anything because I have a lot of favourite Indonesian foods. But when this friend of mine mentioned this East-Java specific dishes, ahaha I felt the urge to write about it smug.

Lontong is rice cake (at least that's how we called it here in Sydney). And 'Kupang'? No, it's not that city in Indonesia. Kupang is... *wait, googling...* hmmm I found "Kupang is local term of small mollusk" from this page , another one describes it as "kind of oyster or shellfish" (?). So Kupang, these very very tiny clams/seashells are the one you see in the top - left on the plate in the previous picture, near the spoon. It's served with Petis (shrimp paste), just like other typical East-Javanese dishes. So the overall taste would be just like seafood (from the tiny clams and the shrimp paste), a bit sweet, savoury, and spicy if you add chilli.

As someone born and raised in Surabaya, I definitely love this food. It's been my family's favourite. Every time we had a chance to go to Sidoarjo, we always had a portion in one of the traditional stalls looking like these:
(image from here)

..and then bought a big batch to bring home. Even when later my uncle's family had moved to Jakarta, every time they returned home they still bought a big batch, froze it, and brought it all the way to Jakarta!!

I laughed today because finally I can have an answer to my husband's bragging about Sydney ("What can you not find in Sydney?" Apa sih yang nggak ada di Sydney?")
I can almost find everything needed to cook Indonesian dishes here: Petis, cassava leaves, grated cassava (I even couldn't easily buy it when I was still in Surabaya!), grated coconut, durian, banana leaves, etc. . You will easily find also Indonesian restaurant where they sell Gudeg, Rendang, even Ayam Tulang Lunak laughing.  

But Lontong Kupangcool
Nah... I'm not even sure if they sell it outside East Java. The main ingredient, kupang, is caught from local waters ('perairan' bahasa Inggrisnya apa ya tongue). So if you visit Sidoarjo or Surabaya or Pasuruan or nearby, make sure you try this loved dishes. I recommend you to taste it first (as the looks may not be that tempting haha..) and after you taste it (and like it), then you can hear some jokes about it (or google it hahaha).. Just don't listen to the lontong kupang jokes about how they catch the kupang before you really try it smug.


  1. I've just thought that kupang come from Kupang, name of city in Indonesia. I've to try it someday when get travel in Surabaya. :)

    1. yes you should try.. It's not as famous as rujak Cingur but both has Petis in it so if you like something with petis I'm sure you'll like it. In some shopping malls in Surabaya they also sell Lontong Kupang :)

  2. Same like Umami, I thought so also. Kupang is a city name. Now I got new learning about the food.
    Thank you for participating. Looking forward for next one.


  3. Haha thank you for reading and leaving comment.. Looking forward too to your trying Lontong kupang :D

  4. luwe cing! sesuk tuku lontong balap ah :D

    1. jeng, kalo maksudmu manas2in aku, ga berhasil lah. lha wong kl lontong balap aja di sini bisa bikin (lah dulu kan aku ajakin bikin bareng utk pengajian xD). lento aja bisa eike bikin xD
      nah kalo lontong kupang...... xD