Thursday, 3 July 2014

Academic Paper, Note #2

Hoeee 1 lagi post tentang academic paper setelah yg kemarin, ihiiiiyyyy!!!
Pengen ditulis lagi dlm bhs Inggris tapi kok lagi bosen ya nulis serius2 bigsmile

Anyway, here are other tips from my boss and also as a self reminder for me:
1. In the introduction part of your paper, make sure you include this points/sentences (at the 2nd last and/or last paragraph):  
". . . . . . . However, so far no technical paper has [done what you're proposing in this paper]."

2. Then, at the next paragraph, address the purpose of your paper:
 "The purpose of this paper is to [do the things haven't done yet by previous references, just like what is stated in previous paragraph]."

3. And close the Intro section with:
"This paper is organized as follows. [Blablabla....]."

winkwink Simple but powerful aren't they!
I feel the urge to write this, because, like my reason on previous paper note, again I forgot about it when writing my most recent paper (and boss should revise the Intro section again..). Had I remembered this before, he would review it faster..

Another thing is, now it feels strange for me when I read a paper which (unintentionally) skips this part. Which happens several times today. So they started with the background and the stories and just jumped to Section II without telling the reader what's the problem  they want to solve and how they will solve it (and why.... etc.).

Good. I already feel that keeping my spv tips here is in fact really useful mrgreenmrgreen
#notimportant: I even changed the font to Times to make this post serious!  mrgreenmrgreen

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