Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Academic Paper, Note #1

Uhm, I've been thinking to have a tag called 'academia' or 'scholarly' to make this blog less-mommyish and more PhD-ish bigsmilebigsmile and post some scholarly blabs. But then I decided to put all my PhD-candidature-related stories in another blog. But again, as this special blog up to now has only has 1 post, "hello Word" not World uneasyuneasy I think I will write my note here.

Yes, this is a self reminder for me. Because my spv mentioned this already when I wrote my second paper and yet he had to repeat it again today because my 3rd paper draft doesn't have it:

"Your title, abstract, Introduction section, and Conclusion, should all be in line. So make sure you're not missing something in your title that you have in your intro or abstract and conclusion, and vice-versa."
(updated: I finally added 'scholarly stuff' to the old 'PhD' label bigsmile)

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