Saturday, 8 March 2014

Lego #21104 Mars Rover Curiosity timelapse build, featuring Bob the Builder

This video is the collaborative side project of two elect eng PhD students (side project = we're just so fed up with our research and PhD things and we need to do something else!!!).
So, my husband's something else is: Mars Curiosity Lego, which I found out later to be a limited edition Lego (yea he still didn't tell me how much it costed but it's fine for me... at least lego is something positive not like smoking or drugs :p )

He made a time lapse video of him Bob the Builder making the Curiosity robot, and asked me to do a music backing --> becomes my something else side project.

The theme was found in 10 minutes, but gosh to play it perfectly (and also to have some consistent notes in my mind) was so difficult. I promise, after I finish my PhD I'd maintain again my existence in music society (what?!).

So here it is, a video which we can blame on for taking some of my time (our time, actually..) supposed to be for research T_T

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