Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Carrot Pancake

This post is actually meant to be a carrot pancake recipe... But I blabbed over the reason of why I came fussed up with this cooking baking things, which is longer than the recipe itself . So here I put a 'spoiler' button, in case you want to read the blabbing about toddler, vegetable, nutrition, and fussy eater .


Hanif's eating habit, now and then
Do all toddler hate veggies? No matter how healthy and good Hanif's eating habit before he turned 2 years old was (he ate all those yucky green beans purée, chokoes purée, krai purée (what's the English word for krai? hahaha)), now he's acting like those toddlers I saw in toddler food supplement TV commercials: "no veggies!" (especially those green and orange ones ). I didn't know how this happens, and I thought it was because he hasn't grown those molars (veggies are sometimes harder to munch?!), but now as he had some grown, there are some other possibilities:
.he already understands tastes. Haha... he might like those savoury taste from proteins? and he starts to like sweet stuffs too..
.he copied other children in childcare? (although his teachers say he'd eat everything during mealtime in childcare.. including the vegetables.)

Hiding the Vegetables (but I don't want to overcook them)
Unfortunately with my multi tasks as a PhD student and housewife, I don't have enough time messing up preparing those cute and fancy looking meals (with vegetable hiding in it).. Ahh.... those fancy meals, you know, you could easily find them uploaded in google or FB.
Fortunately, I'm still willing to spend some extra time just to make sure he'd eat some vegetables. The idea from "Deceptively Delicious" book which I've reviewed before I read is of course what I thought in the first place. There are many other ideas of hiding vegetables in your meals. However, for long actually I've been thinking about the double processing of the vegetable: usually there are two processes: first you steam the vegetable (then purée it), then mix it (hide it!) in the meal. So the vegetable undergoes heating process twice: will there be a significant loss of nutrition? I don't know, still haven't surveyed yet.

Once my friend brought us a good homemade carrot cake. As I expected, the carrot was first steamed before she mashed it for the cake. Once I tried to make a carrot cake using grated carrot, and what I got is a yummy cake but with noticeable 'hairy carrot' inside the cake and Hanif can be so fussy that he took every single carrot hair from the cake.
Last week I felt like making another carrot cake but instead, I used a ready pancake mix.. And after grating the carrot, I blended it using a hand blender. If I have my old blender here, maybe I don't have to grate it first..
Carrot Pancake
I only used:
.Any pancake mix
.Raw carrot puree (using blender)
.Vanilin sugar
How I made it:
Just mix the pancake as the directions on the mix package (usually I only need to add water and shake it; I bought the shake-mix type; will add the pic soon.). Then mix it with the puree. I was a bit worried it won't be sweet enough so I added some vanilin sugar :D. But, hey, I think carrot has a sweet taste too, doesn't it?!


As usual I used my non stick pan, but I remembered I had a donut maker I was so eager to try! So take a look the pancake donuts on the pic! :D
The mix was soooo orange and when they're done they're so orange too, I loved the colour so much!  Yellow Heart EmoticonYellow Heart EmoticonYellow Heart Emoticon

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