Friday, 11 October 2013

Hanif's Milestones: 27 months old

Haha I didn't mean to create this milestones post.. But I'm a bit laid back today T_T and also recently we're often surprised by his developments so I think I'll write one or two things..

Remembering route
. It's officially summertime here in Sydney so by the time we pick him up at 5PM it's still bright-bright-bright... (and so hot) so unconsciously :p we don't think that's it's already late. So recently I let him walk instead of sitting on the stroller. Several times in other occasions too he would say "walk, walk" and sometimes is followed by "push, push" if he wants to push the stroller.

I often test him by letting him to walk in front of me and lead the way to his Bapak's office: surprisingly he knows! I tested him from Scientia Building and he led me all the way to his Bapak's office. Today I tested him further, from the Library and he confidently walked all the way.

Haha.. I read in other's blogs about their child's milestones and some are already mastering simple puzzle. I wanted to introduce Hanif to puzzle too but it seems he's not interested yet. I already borrowed from the library different sets of puzzles but very rare would he play them (also because I didn't consistently play these puzzles sets together with him :D). I'd still try to make him know this puzzle thing.

One thing we noticed during our trip in Hobart was that he sang a lot. Almost all the time he would sing Twinkle2 Little Star. Other songs he likes to sing is Baa baa black sheep (which is very similar to twinkle2). I'm a bit surprised when he also sings ABC song (which again, is similar to twinkle :D) but I think maybe in Tigger's they taught him that song. He also knows which one is A, B, and sometimes C. I don;'t know, maybe they taught him that too.

His speaking ability is developing fast. He's now using two and three words more often. Now he can say what he wants in two words. I start to teach him to say full words. OEnglish... Sometimes I think why orang bule, in general, are people from developed country.. karena utk belajar bahasanya aja lbh susah xD hahaha... so they tend to use their brain more since they are young... hahaha hipotesis apa ini xD. Sometimes I felt like this -> pacmanpacmanpacman when I use irregular verb.
"Hanif, today we ate blablabla... for breakfast" while in another time I use "eat" or should use "have eaten". -_- for simplicity I usually use "was/were eating"
For native speaker this confusion might not make sense, because they learn it naturally. But hm... for us indonesian, where "makan" kemarin, sekarang, atau besok ya tetap "makan", this is kinda a challenge :p. Back to my hipothesis, org2 bule yg bhsnya susah2 mungkin kapasitas otaknya lebih gede kali ya, kn sejak kecil sdh dijejali grammar2 yg susah2....makanya pinter2 :p (I imagine german kids hahaha they might have more complex brain network?! because they have to 'memorize' if a noun is feminine, masculine or neutral xD. btw I once asked my german language teacher, how do German kids learn those feminine masculine thing? She said it's kinda a package... so german kids grow up learning 'die Brille', 'das Buch', 'der Stuhl' in a package instead of only Brille, Buch, or Stuhl :p.)

Ohya btw lagi dan OOT lagi, kenapa blog eike bhs Indo nya bukan yg baik dan benar? supaya ga bisa ditranslate! hahahaaaa xD paranoid ada yg nemu blog curcol ini dan ada yg translate huahahaaaa paranoid campur geer..

Btw, we plan to teach him bahasa Indonesia a bit later when he's using his English properly.

Wah apa lagi ya.. banyak, mungkin ada yg lupa.. oke mari kita tutup posting ini dg milestone dari website lain :D.
By 24 Months
  • Using more words and putting words together
  • Showing interest in and playing with a variety of toys
  • Pointing to a few pictures of familiar people or objects and body parts
  • Obeying simple two part commands
  • Speech can be understood about 65% of the time
  • Running, jumping, climbing, kicking and throwing
  • Using crayon to make lines and circular scribbles
  • Building a 4 – 6 block tower and putting pegs in a peg board
  • Says “no” often -> Hanif banget T_T
  • Engaging in parallel and pretend play -> lagi suka ikut2 sholat
  • Playing alone for a few minutes
  • Removing clothes

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