Sunday, 22 September 2013

There's an "end" in "friend"?

Owalah hahaha what was I thinking? I have a weekly report that I'm supposed to submit two days ago (Friday T_T). And I have a bunch things to do so that I have something to write on that report. And I have to prepare for my 1st conference next week. But instead of doing one of those, I'm writing this xD. Never in my life (maybe ever once or two or more, but I forgot it once it's passed :-) ) have I been as angry and upset as now because of person(s).. Usually situation upsets me, not people.

I'm writing about friends and friendship. I think what I experience is normal: friends come and go, friendships evolve. Friendships come in many shapes. I travelled to some places, met new people, had new friends. Some of my "friends" are people I haven't even met before. Facebook makes it ever more complex. My friend's friend can add me as his/her "friend", some students I teach can also add me as "friend" (yes I think it's okay if we're having a kind of 'friend' relationship other than student-teacher in class but... I'm either not a very friendly person :P so I think it's rare in my case :P), a stranger even can add me as "friend".

I like having friends. Good friends. Yet, as I grow older, my life is growing as well and it then becomes a bit difficult to maintain all those friendships. 

My friends from kindie, I hardly remember them, although I still had some of their pics. Once we exchanged letters I remember, but that's all.

I still meet some of my friends from elementary school; well, not recently actually. We had a kind of reunion about 4 years ago I think, and that's the only peak of our interaction? Once my friend who like to organize this kind of reunion thing had her second child, she became less engaged :D. Haha... no, it's not blaming her. I think everyone with children knows how our time becomes dedicated mostly to our children :-). Well in this case, having FB is great, sometimes we can still say hi to them or congratulate them for any occasion.
I had some close friends during junior and senior high. And yeah, it's the same: facebook rules :p. There are times we didn't greet each other for such a veeeeeery long time. But once we talk, it's fine. I still remember the last time we gathered together was in my friend's house, she already had a daughter at that time, another friend just came after doing his master in oz, with her husband n two boys, another one was 7-month preggie at that time, while me and another friend were still single at that time. It was so nice, lots of jokes and laugh, and sometimes I wonder when we can have such moment again. Even sparing a time before I move to Syd was hard; we couldn't manage it.
I finished my master in germany and that means even more friends. Some very close friends are still keeping in touch now, although there's an odd case in which a friend suddenly lost contacts. There are times I wonder what she's doing now, where she is now, in the old times we'd be chatting about boys and crushes, she even asked me to accompany her to meet her blind date xD, we were having fun with other two girls xD, even after one by one we returned home we still kept the relationship. But yeah any things can happen.. Three of us don't know what happened she just disappeared.. We still exchange messages as usual (before fb, we're even having our own mailing list hahaha,, no..) and yes using fb we're able to know if she's reading our message (haha once again FB rules) but no, she didn't reply and we don't know why.. I think the three of us wish the same simple thing, that we can be friends like before, laughing, crying, well, you know, girls thing.

Ohhh it's getting very late now. But hey it works, I feel much better writing this, although this note just reaches its half.. Haha so it's a good decision to write this over those report and presentation :D.

Well the point is, actually what drives me writing this is this feeling of getting upset of a friend, who broke our friendship and hasn't given any chance to fix it. But I have another friend who told me, 'hey, that's fine. Friends come and go. You don't have to feel so responsible to keep it. That's life."

What she's saying reminds me of this famous line, from which I took the title of this post. 

There is a "lie" in "believe", "over" in "lover", "end" in "friend", "us" in "trust", "ex" in "next and "if" in "life".

(although I don't really like it, I admit that I have experienced one. But as my friend said, that's life.)


  1. Hallo Vita... i stumble into your post here and was thinking how classic this 'friend issue' thing. i had my issue in 2006 and had it in my post ( funny how some aspects in someone's life happen as well to someone else who are living far and half the globe from us...

    ps: i'm not even sure if it's appropriate for me to call you by your first name (without using the mba, ibu, tante?? hehhe). i assume you're older than me? so..will 'mba' do you good? (*silly question, i know :D)

    1. yeah n u know what? i even have thought to write about this friend thing again recently.. as some of my friends graduated and once they went back to their home country it's a bit hard to keep the communication going.

      haha i'm procrastinating by replying to ur comment to my post which was procrastination to my work too xD T_T

      nah..u can call me as u like. been not in indo where u call name to any one u like. i'm Dani's high school friend so u know i'm of the same age as him :D

    2. hahaha.. not that i actually know how old Dani is :D but yeah...i was registered as class of 2001 in my university, so now you know how young i am :)

      anyway..back to the friendship issue, i seriously can't describe how things evolve so fast in the past few years and how few of our 'old friends' remain with us. but taught us well, right?! we're now open to many new people in our life and for that i shall's nice to know you :)