Thursday, 6 June 2013

posting terburu2: Hanif's speech development so far

Oh well sekarang jam 10 pagi, bukan saat yg tepat untuk ngeblog sebetulnya, in fact i was in the middle of matlab coding, but suddenly I remember I have to fill in the speech screening permission I've been sent a week ago. I have to describe Hanif's speech language concern and I think I might need to give a rough number of words he's spoken. And also I've been planning of doing this since a long time ago. So here it is, Hanif's new words so far.. just for keeping track of it as he doesnt speak much in his coming 2nd birthday..

1. George --> kalau lihat acara TV Peppa Pig, peppa kan selalu bilang "I'm peppa pig! this is my little brother George! this is mommy pig, and this is daddy pig!" Nah setiap ada George Hanif selalu bilang "george.."
2. Daddy Pig --> sama