Wednesday, 22 May 2013

3 km, sometimes twice a day, everyday

Hahaha... mirip dengan postingan mbah Endah yang ini..
Aku memang sudah lama ingin berbagi cerita tentang perjalananku setiap hari.
My family live in a rented unit in Kingsford. That's good. I took about 10 - 15 minutes to get to our campus. My husband said even it's better for me, as my office is closer to the road (his office is in the mid of the campus). Yes, right, until our son also needs to go to his office :).. Let me give some facts supporting this post:
1. Our campus is hilly (is there "hilly" in English? haha). Look how they divide campus area into lower campus, middle campus, and upper campus. And look to a picture from its website, showing stairs and steps T_T.
This is view from Scientia Building. Building on the right with red bricks is EE building, my husband office. We usually take the lift from LG to level 2 to continue our journey through the Library.
This is the Scientia Building.

The fact is, my office is in lower campus. south-west campus. My husband's office is in middle campus. middle. and Hanif's office is in upper campus. north-east campus. And every day either my husband or I have to take Hanif to Tigger's in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon.
Now can you imagine it? Imagine I was a bit upset when one day I wrote in my Facebook "Just arrived in my office, after some hill climbing up and down, pushing my 12-kg son on a stroller" and one of my friend commented "oh such a drama"

What? what drama? every morning I have to walk more than 3 km. Hehe, not kidding. look on this map. A is our home. B is hanif's office :p. C is my office.

Hehe.. not drama huh? But, anyway, instead of complaining, there are always brighter sides of something:
1. I'm not the only one to take this 3-km walk, some friends of mine even have to do it twice a day. Good, that my husband and I take turns doing this. If I take Hanif in the morning, my husband will pick him up in the afternoon :).
2. Let's take it as a kind of exercise, okay? XD Many people need to jog everyday.... I have jogged for 3 km (especially when it's raining, I have to run and push the stroller all through the way... T_T)
3. Everytime I walk pass Pooh Corner (another unsw childcare located right next to my office) I always sigh and imagine that life would be much easier if Hanif went there... but, haha, everytime I go to Maroubra Junction (some place 3-km from our home), I imagine too if Hanif went there (one of strong childcare candidate before Hanif went to Tigger's), life would be somewhat harder hahaha XD
4. This journey ("journey" in a metaphoric way and a literally "journey"), I believe, is making us stronger (metaphorically and literally XD).

Yes, everytime I start to feel tired pushing Hanif through Scientia Ramp, I keep telling myself "keep moving! keep struglling"
Well, someday we'll be remembering these times and smile.... :)

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