Friday, 8 February 2013

(not so serious) [review] TOSHL Finance for MEEGO

[updated March 3rd 2016] EF's 37th challenge (or the 4th challenge in 2016) is about favourite app. This old post is about TOSHL app, a "finance manager and expense" app that I used to analyse and plan my expense during my early months living a new life in Sydney, one of the top six most expensive cities in the world. It was based on Meego platform as I was still using my Nokia N9 at that time. I am currently no longer using N9 (it was broken because of my carelessness T_T) nor the TOSHL app (because I know how to manage the balance wisely in Sydney :D), but I'm submitting this old post for the challenge, as the readers might get inspired to get a similar finance and expense app for better financial life :D .

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Haha.. I have been having this intention for a review on TOSHL since January ends (which actually the time to review my expenses.. :P) but well I have to wait until weekend.. hiks although the temptation to blogging and reviewing and other small things unrelated to study have always been daunting every afternoon (about 2 PM when you're starting to get sleepy :D).

But my son is enrolling in a childcare in two weeks.. and we need to make a calculation to find out whether this two-days-in-a-week care is going to change our spending habit.. Okay! So, here is a review on TOSHL (financial app) for MEEGO (yup, i'm one of the rare N9 users T_T), which is actually a review for my self and family about our expenses in January..

28th Dec 2012 was the time I landed in Australia.. oh a foreign land I've never set foot before.. a foreign land where the weekly rate of my flat is higher than a month basic salary in my country of origin.. so we need to be very careful and so, keeping our expenses documented. Normally I would just creating a note and record any spendings but then I think that I have to spare some time to sum them. Or at least to retype them in Excel...oh!! while I still have to think for meals (to think first... even I need time to think what to cook, let alone to cook :D) for households and for research of course!

So I started to find an Excel app for Meego.. hiks.. which couldn't be found.. which turned out to be good, because then I found better app specialized for financial little tools, TOSHL!
Review: Despite some bugs, I love it. haha! So the screenshots here can explain a lot of things, then let me continue reviewing (and reminding myself) what we've been spending on January:


Yeah.. 268 AUD for shopping and 131 AUD for eating out :D.
Btw, TOSHL lets you see details, like the following screenshot:

Ooops I forgot to take screenshots showing that you can have more details in dates or timespan. But, hey just try it, it's good and it's worth to try! ;)

Yup so finally how much have we spent on January 2013? 

552 AUD! Hey that's not bad! 
So let me calculate..(and this part is more personal part, reminder for my self.. you can just leave this post :P)

My husband and I have agreed that he will pay fixed bills like house rent, electricity, gas, internet, etc.
And I will pay the rest (shopping, eating out, etc etc) --> this part I recorded on TOSHL, which sums up tp 552 AUD for January, which means I still got around 1000 AUD from my stipend.

The childcare fee is 110 AUD per day (yeah PER DAY!) so for two days a week we need 220 AUD per week which means 880 per month.. T_T wow, so that's where the rest of my stipend should be allocated..hopefully we could get the benefit and rebate..;-))

edited: hiks I forgot, we should also allocate money for bus, because we'll need 4 bus rides in a day (taking Hanif to the childcare, then to campus, then picking Hanif up in the afternoon, then go home, yup my husband got a reason to buy a car.. :P) which mean 8 bus rides in a week, which means 32 bus rides in a month = 3 travelten bus card = 3 x 17.6 AUD = 52.8 AUD per month. okay! :D


  1. Just dollar/$ or can change the other currency? :D

    1. I remember we could choose the currency mbak.. We even could create a currency if it wasn't listed :D