Monday, 31 December 2012

[unofficial] Vodafone Australia Prepaid Schemes

To some people, the decision of which phone operator to subscribe might not be a thing which is not blog-worthy :D. But to me, a natural analyzer (main characteristics: takes too much time to decide something :D) this is something worthy enough to be researched, hahahaaa...
(btw, even the topic of which diapers to buy in Australia was really researched, and, is really helpful for me ;)).

The scheme is much different from that in Indonesia, where a prepaid scheme is simply prepaid scheme, where a hundred thousand Rupiahs means a hundred thousand Rupiahs (although nowadays various bonuses and packages are also available -- which I don't pay much attention :p). Even my husband couldn't tell much about various different prepaid schemes here.

But at least one option is clear: we prefer that I use Vodafone, as he already signed a two-year Vodafone contract. Now which prepaid scheme I would use? Well accidentally I choose the 10 Dollar prepay cap. But definitely I won't extent it, because it expires in only 7 days! I'm looking for something which expires in at least a month. So here are the options, I post them here just for the sake of simplicity so I can go back here whenever I need to. Yeah right, because it took some time for me to find them in google T_T. Here they are, my next options. Maybe later I can review each of them :D (which might be useful).

.29 Dollar Flexi Cap
.365 day recharge
.International Recharge

.Terms and Conditions for Prepaid Scheme

See you later, bye :D