Friday, 31 August 2012

Don't Judge Too Quickly

Yea, I borrow this famous term from Ameriquest Mortgage Company. Watch their 5 "don't-judge-too-quickly" commercials here, which is my favourite ;). Or here below-

So why this post? Well none other, still, because of this thing. Shortly, after two years being ignored by one of my close friends, I finally found out why she did that. She was hurt because of several things I've done (and I haven't done). I just knew it because my other close friend told me about that, with a strong aura of "it's all your fault, stupid." :(

I was shocked with the fact that the things hurting her were for me usual things, which don't even seem to be threatening.

One of those things, she was disappointed because she read an email in our campus mailing list, about me giving birth to our first son, sent by a not-so-close-male-friend. "Why him? It's me, one of your close friends who's supposed to know first about your baby boy and send email about it!"
Don't judge too quickly, my dear friend.

I don't see any point why she should be disappointed, provided that my husband happened to be a colleague of my male friend who sent the email. Well it's clear that it is from my husband he got the news.
There were more things to blame on me, said to be the reasons of her breaking off communication with me. And I have explanations for each situations, which she judged too quickly.
Until this day, she still ignores my apologize. Hopefully someday she's willing to try to be in my shoes and shift her previous judgment. .

Bonus :D: another video on the same topic.

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