Friday, 31 August 2012

Don't Judge Too Quickly

Yea, I borrow this famous term from Ameriquest Mortgage Company. Watch their 5 "don't-judge-too-quickly" commercials here, which is my favourite ;). Or here below-

So why this post? Well none other, still, because of this thing. Shortly, after two years being ignored by one of my close friends, I finally found out why she did that. She was hurt because of several things I've done (and I haven't done). I just knew it because my other close friend told me about that, with a strong aura of "it's all your fault, stupid." :(

I was shocked with the fact that the things hurting her were for me usual things, which don't even seem to be threatening.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Lyrics to (Few) Holly Throsby's SEE!

Eight months ago during his flight from Jakarta to Surabaya with Garuda, my husband picked up a playlist titled with something related to Australia and children (was it like "Australian Children Songs" or "Children World Music" or something? I often found such playlist on high budget flights :p, I mean, those flights with personal monitor screen and headphone).
Well he's a bit Australia-minded :P, by the way. When he got home he kept singing this Holly Throsby's "Diamonds Are So Shiny" to our baby boy (whom predicted will spend 4 or 5 years of his childhood in OZ wink).

I found the song a bit strange at first (and the other songs in the same album, Holly Throsby's "See!") but as my husband kept playing and playing (simply because he loved it, not because he tried to make me love it razz hahaha but that was my impression razz) I often found my self humming to its tune. Or even sing it. There are some words I couldn't hear but I couldn't find any lyrics so far. So I think I'll post the lyrics here (after I completed some missing words with a help from my hubby :P), haha at least for my self.
Link to listen to excerpts of the songs:
There are others in youtube and lastfm too..


Holly Throsby -- SEE! 

1. Putt Putt
2. Fish and Mice
3. The Seasons
4. Diamonds Are So Shiny
5. Drum Lesson
6. Shadow and Echo
7. Can I Do That Too?
8. Hello Tiger
9. What Turns?
10. See The World
11. Always Be Young

Putt Putt

I'm gonna buy me a motor boat and we'll go putt putt over the ocean
I'm gonna buy me a motor boat and we'll go putt putt, putt putt

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

review: PEBBLE, penggambar breadboard dan kawan-kawannya

Hiks, aku baru aja terbangun dari ketiduran pas ngeloni anak (sudah yang kesekian kalinya T_T). Akhir2 ini memang capek banget, entah kenapa T_T. Tadi seharian di kantor mayoritas waktu dihabiskan untuk menyusun modul dan petunjuk praktikum di gedung baru T_T (seperti biasa, ga ada yg mau garap jadi ujung2nya aku yg garap. ya sudah, mudah2an ada hikmah dan manfaatnya T_T). Karena praktikum nantinya direncanakan akan pake breadboard , baiknya ada petunjuk cara merangkai komponennya di breadboard ya. Terbayanglah layanan online untuk nggambar breadboard yang bisa drag & drop komponen2nya dengan mudah. Mulai cari2 di internet, ternyata susah ya nemunya . Tanya2 pak Astria  katanya pake Visio aja atau digambar pake tangan (doh).

Sambil nyari2 di internet, sempat terpikir untuk nggambar pake Power Point aja (krn males install Visio, di PC ruangan g ada). Pada umumnya software2 (freeware?!) virtual breadboard itu bisa dipake nyimulasikan rangkaiannya juga. Wah keren, kalo aku orang elka, pasti bakal lebih tertarik lagi (tadi aja cukup tertarik). Akhirnya sambil jalan downloadlah 3 software, karena belum nemu yg bisa jalan via web saja (eh tapi gara2 nyari2 ini jadi nemu ada virtual lab yg menarik juga ( blm nyoba2 detail tp sepertinya menarik ).