Friday, 6 July 2012

1-year-old Hanif

Yeah, our son is turning 1. Contrary to the expectations, he has just grown two teeth (still no signs any new teeth will come out T_T), hasn't walked yet, and no meaningful words spoken :P. Hehe, every child is different. Anyway, let me make a reminder and memento here, who knows it'll be useful someday.



What are some of the developmental milestones my child should reach by twelve months of age?

Movement Milestones

  • Gets to sitting position without assistance -> OK
  • Crawls forward on belly by pulling with arms and pushing with legs -> OK
  • Assumes hands-and-knees position ->? i dont understand this :P
  • Creeps on hands and knees supporting trunk on hands and knees  -> OK
  • Gets from sitting to crawling or prone (lying on stomach) position  -> OK
  • Pulls self up to stand  -> OK
  • Walks holding on to furniture  -> OK
  • Stands momentarily without support  -> OK
  • May walk two or three steps without support -> not yet

Milestones In Hand and Finger Skills

  • Uses pincer grasp  -> not perfectly.. any idea to fix this?
  • Bangs two cubes together  -> OK
  • Puts objects into container  -> not yet
  • Takes objects out of container -> yeah he's more interested in this than putting objects in
  • Lets objects go voluntarily   -> his hobby T_T
  • Pokes with index finger -> sometimes
  • Tries to imitate scribbling -> not yet

Language Milestones

  • Pays increasing attention to speech -> yeah he listens :D
  • Responds to simple verbal requests -> OK ("garuk garuk", "dadah", "pipis", "tepuk tangan", "pegang kepala/telinga/kaki/perut dll")
  • Responds to “no” -> sometimes T_T
  • Uses simple gestures, such as shaking head for “no” -> screaming for "no" T_T
  • Babbles with inflection -> what is inflection?? :P :P
  • Says “dada” and “mama” -> yes
  • Uses exclamations, such as “oh-oh!” -> not yet
  • Tries to imitate words -> sometimes

Cognitive Milestones

  • Explores objects in many different ways (shaking, banging, throwing, dropping) -> OK
  • Finds hidden objects easily -> OK
  • Looks at correct picture when the image is named -> OK (kodok ijo, gajah, bapak, lampu, dll)
  • Imitates gestures -> (garuk-garuk, tepuk tangan, angkat tangan)
  • Begins to use objects correctly (drinking from cup, brushing hair, dialing phone, listening to receiver) -> yea all these things.

Social and Emotional Milestones

  • Shy or anxious with strangers -> yes, remember when he travelled with us to Jogja? T_T
  • Cries when mother or father leaves -> sometimes
  • Enjoys imitating people in play -> i dont really understand this :D
  • Shows specific preferences for certain people and toys -> yes, different people and toys for different moments! really
  • Tests parental responses to his actions during feedings (What do you do when he refuses a food?) -> hmmm?
  • Tests parental responses to his behavior (What do you do if he cries after you leave the room?) -> sometimes
  • May be fearful in some situations -> yes
  • Prefers mother and/or regular caregiver over all others -> yes
  • Repeats sounds or gestures for attention -> yes
  • Finger-feeds himself -> yes
  • Extends arm or leg to help when being dressed -> hm..?? i dont really pay attention to this :D
Okay so far he seems normal and okay :D. Happy birthday Hanif :D
[edited] oya lupa doanya :D
Ya Allah semoga anak kami selalu lurus di jalan-Mu (sesuai namanya, Hanif :P), jadikan dia termasuk orang-orang yang bermanfaat bagi agama dan bangsa, semoga termasuk orang-orang yang Kau angkat derajatnya, semoga taat dan patuh pada orang tua dan agama, lindungilah dan jagalah dia, karuniailah sifat-sifat yang baik untuknya, amin amin,, semua doa yang baik-baik, amin... :D

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