Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Missing those Gaarder moments. .

A small book review column in jawapos was how this missing Gaarder moments thing started. It reviewed Jostein Gaarder's 'Perpustakaan Ajaib Bibbi Bokken', which I expect would be as ajaib and as aneh as the name 'Bibbi Bokken' and the other Gaarder's masterpieces. So suddenly I recalled one by one those wacky sensations of reading Gaardes's writings (hey it turned out that I already finished several books, -- which were relatively equally wacky :p)
(Psssst why I screenshot my goodreads page here? well because the bibbi bokken review thing was also ended up in remembering that I have a goodreads page just now. sigh. :p)
Well it's true that I shifted to a more normal, so-called housewife: i shifted from Gaarder to such books like these: :D (not exactly what i read but, well, just to give rough idea :D)

..and these: (again not exactly what i read but just to give rough idea )
--; oh, but i really read this one. the-excited-dad-to-be bought me this one :D.
-- he also bought a kind of "muslimah" book, but not this one

and of course, i moved into the new level by starting to buy this popular magazine :D :D:

oh wow and now Gaarder's charm is back, but unfortunately Bibbi Boken's magic library is strangely unavailable in English.. (muss ich das Bibbi Bokkens magische Bibliothek wirklich lesen?? T_T T_T)
But that's okay.. at least it now re-shifts me to the old, odd Vita >:D
so I have ordered the 'The Ringmaster's Daughter' and the newest 'The Castle in the Pyrenees'...owh owh owh... Pyrenees... sounds so romantic X(

OKay! back to work now! (what, it's already the end of office hour >:D yeah, go home!!!)

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