Monday, 30 May 2011

praise to God

Several things to note and to be grateful of hari ini : *in spite of lousy m*hsisw* yg ngabisin waktu gueh!!!

(in time sequential order --> ada gak seh bhs inggris ky gini? :p)
1. SK CPNS kak ipan sdh ada! Alhamdulillah... sudah "sah" statusnya :p mudah2an gaji, rapelan :p juga jelas..
2. Tim robot beroda bimbingan kak ipan lolos ke tingkat nasional! Alhamdulillah, eheheheh bakal seru ini :p

3. Kak ipan lolos beasiswanya! Alhamdulillah... hiks tapi harus siap ditinggal dulu (mulai cari2 sekolah juga T_T bubye jerman halo ostrali :p)

btw kok semua2 tentang kak ipan yo :p
hihihi jadinya dia pgn bayinya lahir lebih cepat (setelah memanipulasi bayi supaya lahir 1 juli :p) supaya bisa mainan bayi lbh lama :p

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Missing those Gaarder moments. .

A small book review column in jawapos was how this missing Gaarder moments thing started. It reviewed Jostein Gaarder's 'Perpustakaan Ajaib Bibbi Bokken', which I expect would be as ajaib and as aneh as the name 'Bibbi Bokken' and the other Gaarder's masterpieces. So suddenly I recalled one by one those wacky sensations of reading Gaardes's writings (hey it turned out that I already finished several books, -- which were relatively equally wacky :p)
(Psssst why I screenshot my goodreads page here? well because the bibbi bokken review thing was also ended up in remembering that I have a goodreads page just now. sigh. :p)
Well it's true that I shifted to a more normal, so-called housewife: i shifted from Gaarder to such books like these: :D (not exactly what i read but, well, just to give rough idea :D)