Wednesday, 18 August 2010



Inilah lagu yang sampe membuat aku:
1. melupakan kalo hari ini hari yg bikin bete (ngantri di stasiun 1jam lebih! just to found out that u actually didnt have to wait that long! u did it because the officer told u to do so but she made a mistake!! )
2. nyetir tanpa konsentrasi ke lingkungan sekitar karena volume audio di escudo disetel dg sangat kebangetan dan grooving2 (ada ga ya bahasa ky gini :D) sesukanya
3. moodnya jadi bagus, kok ya pas di pom bensin ada tvnya, nyetel lagunya afgan yg baru (apa ya judulnya) dan tanpa babibu pas bayar langsung bilang ke tukang pom bensinnya "enak pak lagune!!!"
4. lupa diri, memanfaatkan fasilitas kampus untuk nulis blog ga ada juntrungannya ini :p
4.b. melewatkan post di blog ini (yg udah ditulis sblmnya tp blm selesai) tentang buku 'In Code' punya juraganku yg keren abis (bukune, maksude :p)

Back to work!!!
i mean,,, back to the pc (what im doing w the pc is actually still undefinable :p)


If we believe in something and we just keep on trying
We will survive, we will survive

This is what I named a beautiful life
Where we visualize the dreams we had
There’s no wrong or right when it comes from the heart
Just be thankful to God for what we’ve shared

Let’s go back to one night, it was on Wednesday
As I remembered it was 15th of May
I sang Badu and some Maxwell too
We played a repertoire that others don’t do
Though we got no money and still doing it for free
For the sake of Music And Live Instrument Quality
Didn’t think the crowd would love it or even understand it
But they actually sang and danced as long as we kicked it

From bar to bar or a café every Friday or sometimes on weekdays
I sing like a bird at night until 2
Never get tired for this is something true
It’s been our intention to share our experiences
For you and I to find our path to self realization
Now I’m grateful for all the struggles
Cause through it all we become strong fighters

It’s a beautiful life Act from the heart when you play your part
It’s a beautiful life When you survive and everything is alright
It’s a new beginning of a beautiful life


  1. Yaya... yang keren buku nya... -_-"

  2. lho, pada kesempatan2 lain kan aku sdh mempublish kalo kamu keren?! sekali2 lah dikalahin buku.. :p

  3. I ralat: dari tagline blogmu lho, udah keliatan: stupid thoughts and boring stories of a lazy bloke.

    omigod! so lame!