Wednesday, 6 August 2008

review: twilight

review: twilight
Stephenie Meyer
(i'd like to write another blabbing review for this book in Bahasa Indonesia )
…were this book a boy, I'd definitely have a crush on him first time I meet him .. how wouldn't you, if you see this seemingly helplessly-in-love girl on the cover, with New York Times Editor's Choice, Publishers Weekly best Book of the Year, and Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults stamps next to it?

But actually what made me have a crush on the boy book, was when I spotted the back cover:

"Tentang tiga hal aku benar-benar yakin:
Pertama, Edward seorang vampir.
Kedua, ada sebagian dirinya--dan aku tak tahu seberapa dominan bagian itu--yang haus akan darahku.
Dan ketiga, aku mencintainya. Dan cintaku padanya teramat dalam dan tanpa syarat.

..which in English (english version book) would be..
About three things I was absolutely positive:
First, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him–and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be–that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Ahaha.. don't care about the 1st & 2nd Edward things.. one that's eye-catching for me was the "cintaku padanya teramat dalam dan tanpa syarat" part . To me, this indonesian-translated sentence was more beautiful than the original version..

About the book itself, well, this 518-page thick one was 'okay' for me.. There was a great expectation at the beginning, reading some reviews about the book which said "addictive", "equal with Harry Potter and Eragon", 4 out of 5 stars", and so on..

So this is about human Bella and vampire Edward, who were (desperately) so in love. Well I have to admit that the way the story told was indeed very noble, which made it more than just an ordinary love story about two youngsters, one of which happened to be a vampire.. Details were good to me, these vampire things were well detailed..

Conflict? well conflicts included in the story were definitely Edward-Bella's obstacles, as Bella risked her life being Edward's potential prey and how hard Edward's affection conquer that.. And conflict inside the fellow vampires themselves, which would risk Bella's life even more.. Not so much conflicts as in Harry Potter :p.

So I think I would say... if you want to nobly fall in love with a vampire.. (or you're a vampire want to nobly fall in love with a human girl..) read this. Although you've been in love before, you would be again. Promise.

Different versions**

In Bahasa Indonesia version, the back cover includes another excerpt which later I didn't find in the original english version. Whereas actually this excerpt attracted me more:

Ini adalah kisah cinta terlarang. Dan seperti cinta terlarang lainnya, cinta ini tak mengenal jalan kembali, selain menjadi hidup dan sekaligus mati pada saat yang sama.

don't know, I didn't find this excerpt in the original version (note: I haven't read the original one :p). so if I translate this one it'd be:
This is a forbidden love saga. And just like another forbidden love, there is no way back. This kind of love can only be surviving, and at the same time, die.. translation, eh?? for a non-lingusitic graduate :p.
Man... forbidden love.. so me . Why is it called 'forbidden' when it is 'love'???

*Anyway, thanks to my cousin, who asked me to buy this book for him, and let me read this book first before I send it to him. Otherwise I wouldn't be interested in it ;).

**if you want to see different versions of the cover, check

in Bahasa Indonesialater :D.. got to go to the university...