Monday, 21 July 2008

Cooking Measurement: to be more exact in cooking :D

I want to be more exact..

*halah2.. gr2 keseringen liat resep inggrisan kok tiba2 pgn nulis inggrisan ya?? :p*

I want to be more exact... in cooking :p.

Man! My background is exact science, where people should do the calculation exactly,
at least as close as two numbers after the decimal separator.. As a matter of fact, I teach subject called 'Electrical Measurement' and am in the lab with the same name, and I should say that in metering, high accuracy is very important. A 5 % accuracy, for a meter, is considered very low.

Well then it goes a bit ironic, that in cooking I do the opposite. As I don't have any prepared kitchen scale, I use feelings :p to measure some cooking ingredients , which of course ends up in relatively high tolerance and relatively low accuracy measurement
. Therefore I want to be more exact in cooking too!

1st idea was to create my own conversion table of cooking :p, which won't be too complete because I don't need all of the parts now. The interesting thing is.. during the searching from many sources I couldn't find the same conversions. 1 cup of all-purpose flour can be 225 grams, 230 grams, or it even depends on the cup, whether it's US or metric one. If I add my dad's big cup :D, it'd be even different.

That's why we need a standard cup. In scientific language, we need standard systems of units, which defines standard unit in which a quantity is measured. Because my cup is different than yours, my dad's cup is different from mine, etc.. And that's why we need a standard of unit, for example, meter for length. 'a meter' here and
'a meter' there and in everywhere are the same. Again, that's why we need a standard cup, so that the cup in the recipe measures the same flour as my cup do.


1 Cup
1 Tablespoon
16 Tablespoons
3 Teaspoons
All purpose flour
1 Cup
230 Grams
Butter1 Tablespoon
14 Grams
Granulated sugar
1 Cup
1 Tablespoon
200 Grams
12.5 Grams
1 Cup
1 Tablespoon
1 Tablespoon
230 Ml
15 Ml
15 Grams
1 Tablespoon
18 Grams

Anyway, there are several systems of measurement: Metric System, US System, etc. And so, it surprised me a bit that in cooking there are also US cup and metric cup .
So this is the table we're talking about :p. As simple as what I cook :p.
Oh, and as yesterday I cooked too few potatoes , so I would add some more items in the table later (as how many grams a potato weighs etc etc..).

Froehes Kochen!!

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