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Philosophy in Engineering

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"One of the fundamental laws of nature is that no energy conversion is possible until there is some one to oppose the conversion. Without the presence of this opposition, there’d simply be no energy conversion." [Theraja, ‘Electrical Technology’, S. Chand & Company Ltd., 1978.]

Amid my Coelho adventure, amid my process of becoming more and more out of mainstream
(with a sincere comment from a friend: "Vita you are ya now insane!", amid my overseeing in every minute part of life, I laughed when I read the above lines from an engineering textbook. I was reading to find some understanding about the so-called
'back torque' in a loaded generator. And before I continue, you might want to know the basic, so here's a little bit of that, for you :)..

So imagine a generator, like one below, with magnet on the stator and the armature in the rotor (from

Then,take a look at the figure below (from Theraja's Electrical Technology): a generator whose rotor (armature) is being driven clockwise by its prime mover. Fig (a) represents the main magnetic fields set and the magnetic field caused by armature conductors like 'A' in the figure.
The resultant field (flux lines) are shown in Fig. (b). It's seen that there's a crowding of lines of flux on the right-hand side of A. These magnetic lines of flux may be likened to the rubber bands under tension. Hence, the bent lines of flux set up a mechanical force on A much in the same way as the bent elastic rubber band of a catapult produces a mechanical force on the stone piece.

….it will be seen that this force is in a direction opposite to that of armature
rotation. Hence, it is known as backward force or magnetic drag on the conductors.
It is against this drag acting on all armature conductors that the prime mover has to work. The work done in overcoming this opposition is what converted into electrical energy.

In fact, it seems to be one of the fundamental laws of nature that no energy
conversion from one form to the other is possible until there is some one to oppose the conversion. Without the presence of this opposition, there’d simply be no energy conversion. [Theraja, 1978]

Cool, eh? That's simply the law of nature: no opposing force, no work done. So that's one simple answer why life's always challenging us ..

Relating this post to my favourite Coelho's Fifth Mountain, I'd like to recall some very trickling (? how can I say that in English.. :D) lines from it.. Elijah decided to go against God.. very trickling that I decided to buy a copy :)..
But finally, in the end, it's said What Elijah thought was a challenge to God was, in truth, his reencounter with Him.

Yes, because “There are moments when God demands obedience. But there are moments in which He wishes to test our will and challenges us to understand His love."

So, finally, life's always challenging, huh? because again, "without the presence of this opposition, there’d simply be no energy conversion.", and without life which sometimes opposing us, how can we prove our full potential as grand human beings???

Phew. Too philosophical. :D

(and so I think it's sometimes okay that.. ..Elijah's against God. Pilar's against God. and Vita also. Sometimes I guess it's okay :))

Thursday, 2 October 2008

review: Asia beat Project: Urban Beyond

review: urban beyond
Asiabeat Project

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(sailing with you. download it here. i've put it in
Sailing With You - Asiabeat Project

Having the will to write review of many things (which keep being added up more and more: 6 Coelho’s books I have read eaten in about 1 month :D, a seafood restaurant I wasn’t satisfied with, indian movie Swades (which for a moment put aside my want to review my favourite Kal Ho Naa Ho :p), I feel I just got to write this review right away: it is Urban Beyond.

It was yesterday in my cousin’s car as we drove through the sparkling night of Surabaya, he played a striking (striking? :p) tune. It perfectly flew with the atmosphere of the night which started being busy with traffic.

Close - Asiabeat Project


“Yup, but none of Tompi’s album.”

“So what’s it?”

“Urban Beyond.”

Urban Beyond? (which later always took me couple of seconds before I named it right – I either would say Urban Crew or Urban Legend :p :p --which actually was the name of the album. The group's name was Asiabeat Project.). It must be another kind of experimental projects which group some musicians –those who are skillful yet not into the so-called ‘popular’ recording track. Experimental project like, let’s say, Bali Lounge.

My bro n I looked at each other. This is a distinctive one! Next track came along. “Like Andezz’s”, said my bro, mentioning one Indonesian DJ with great clubbing track. I agree. But actually my eyebrow rose a bit when I noticed the vocal part in the beginning was typical indian (which now start becoming familiar to me :p).

When the next track was played, this time with a female vocal, my bro and I agreed without any word: we’ve got to have this album. The song was 'One Day I’ll Fly Away', one old tune, sang in Moulin Rouge, but this time it was sung by someone whose voice I would say ‘thin’, a bit innocent, yet anyway ‘so warm and cozy’ :). And when I noticed tabla played, not again I rose my eyebrow, but I grinned :D, as I was sure that this must be a kind of Bali Lounge project, but instead of Balinese instruments, this project must featured indian instruments :).

(One Day I’ll Fly Away, download it here. i've put it in
One Day Ill Fly Away - Asiabeat Project

Man,, couldn’t tell how I loved to hear the Sailing With You: with my much much much loved indian bamboo flute (bansuri? Correct me if I’m wrong :p). I’ve been so into this wood-wind instrument long before. This time, it’s featured along with that distinctively innocent female voice I’ve mentioned before in a beat which was right in the middle of easy-listening beat and a bit complicated fusion, that’d shake us in rhythm :).

When we spent almost 20 minutes to queue for parking, I browsed the cover (with a poor car cabin’s lamp illumination :P) and found Gita Wirjawan on it, the man behind Bali Lounge. And yes, of course, some familiar names (I mean, indian names :p) were there.

After listening the whole album (yes, because we went to 2 places that night, so a whole album could be played :)), my bro n I agreed in some things: the rhythmpercussion parts were played by very skillful player: the part was complicated and neatly played. 2nd, if we should mention another project which resembles this one, we might say Bali Lounge or Simak Dialog.

In our 2nd destination that night (Surabaya Town Square), we took a glance at DiscTarra, and guess what! I found the CD at once at the 1st glance! Whereas my cousin said it took him twice to find the album, and it wasn’t easy though. So, I think the CD and I were attracted to each other :D :D. Ha-ha…

Overall, if u like ethnic-fusion (but not as complicated as Krakatau), u would love this. Synth sounds are great. And u wouldn’t stay still listening to the rhythm; at least ur fingers will move n snap :D. I give this 4 out of 5.

Guru Ji - Asiabeat Project

Track listing: (CD 1 of 2 CDs)

01. Beat Club

02. Peacock

03. Sailing with you

04. Guru Ji

05. Mi Corazon

06. Sand dunes

07. Soft Melody

08. Close

09. Urban Swami

10. One day i'll fly away

11. Derata

Well,, listening to this awakens the musician side of me which has been hibernating for a while. Listening to synthesizer sound in some tracks reminds me of the old times spending a day from morning till afternoon mixing sounds and rhythms (and at some times, lost it because I accidentally deleted the files I’d just created :(). It reminds me of some experimental projects I’d made with some friends, which are now a bit forgotten and left behind. Finally, it re-awakens an old dream which seems out-of-mainstream at the moment (but hey now I take it more seriously… for now the way I’m thinking is getting out of mainstream too :D): I might end up being an experimental musician joining a project like this :D (who knows I really resign from my 'mainstream' profession as lecturer :p). Something I’ve never even thought before.

People say 'what once a dream is now a reality' ;).

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Vita on (Coelho and) Mystery of River Piedra

Waduuuuh…. Sudah lama g nulis karena kebanyakan baca buku & semua-muanya pgn ditulis, trs juga bingung mau ditulis di blog yg mana, weheheh… Dasar.. di blogspot pgn tulis2 ttg review buku2 si sahrial yg seabrek yg sdh tak baca.. di multiply pgn tulis2 ttg resep2 & masakan2 yg berhasil :D, di wordpress pgn tulis2 ttg pengalaman gagal nyoba resto india :D, lalu terbentur hati nurani (halahh) yg bertanya2: “trus kapan tulis2 yg berhub dg penelitian atau elektro??” Damn.

Vita on Coelho
So.. first of all, ich danke sehr, dich meinen Vetter, sahrial, yg sdh mengenalkan coelho kpd ku. Si Rial, sepupuku yg skr terdampar nun jauh di Sangatta, kesepian n sebelum jadi gila dia minta dikirimin buku2 yg seabrek-abrek: Kambing Jantan nya Raditya Dhika, Bilangan Fu nya Ayu Utami, Sons nya .. siapa ya? Twilight nya Meyer (yg reviewnya ada di bawah :p), Rahasia Bulan -- kumpulan cerpen homoseksual (reviewnya entar kalo sempet… ;)) , & Sang Alkemis nya Coelho.

Semuanya, kecuali Sons & Bilangan Fu, habis dibaca dlm waktu kira2 semingguan. Yg paling terakhir justru Sang Alkemis, bacanya sambil ogah2an gitu, cuman karena ga mau rugi aja, masak sebelum dikirim ke Rial g sempet2in baca :p.. Ogah2an, soalnya aku agak g suka baca buku yg diterjemahin ke bhs indonesia, kenapa ya? Ya rasanya lain aja soalnya…

Tapi, setelah baca-baca-baca… woo… oke juga nih alkemis!! Komenku pertama: “wah.. The Secret dlm bentuk novel nih..” wekekeke.. Kalo mau memahami kutipan favoritku “Der Weg ist Das Ziel” (the journey itself is the destination), baca buku ini.. Cool..

Vita on River Piedra
Setelah alkemis, yg cukup membuat manggut2 gembira, tiba2 teringatlah buku Coelho yg lain, By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept. Tiba2 inget krn dulu ceritanya pernah baca di blognya Carol, & kata2 Carol yg waktu itu aku ingat betul, adalah dia g begitu suka buku Coelho yg itu (pdhl dia penggemar Coelho), karena slh satu inti bukunya adalah ‘love can conquer everything’, yg menurut Carol klise. Tiba2 inget juga krn Rial dulu pernah cerita pernah baca buku ini karena “judulnya tragis… keren!!”. Tp yg lbh bikin tertarik adalah review carol yg isinya (:p mudah2an bener ya aku ngutip review si carol): salah satu konflik dlm buku ini adalah cinta disejajarkan dengan spiritualitas. Apa? Itu kan aku banget (ngaku2, wekekekek..).
Langsung deh berburu ebooknya di internet, wah uasyik, malah nemu yg macem2. Dapat 2 link, di yg resmi harpercollins punya sama di Nah, ini lucunya:

Mystery on Coelho’s River Piedra
1. Epilogue or not?

Weleh… ky judul cerita detektif conan aja :D :D wkwkwkwkw…. Lha habis, dari 2 link tadi, yg bisa didownload kan yg versi 4shared, akhirnya kudownloadlah itu.. Tapi, entah kenapa, secara g sengaja aku liat, ternyata yg versi harper g ada epiloguenya, pdhl itu kan situs resminya. Trus aku baca bbrp resensi oleh orang2, ada bbrp yg bilang bhw ‘ceritanya berakhir menggantung bla bla bla…’ tapi ada juga resensi yg nulis: ‘don’t read the epilogue! It’s better if u leave the story without the epilogue’. Nah lo…

Padahal, ceritanya bener2 beda jauh dg/tanpa epilog. Intinya kan Pilar (tokoh utama ceweknya) & si teman masa kecil nya (tokoh utama cowo) itu saling mencintai (setelah melewati proses panjang lho..), tp si cowok ini ternyata adalah semacam santo gitu, yg sdh merintis utk mengabdikan hidupnya di jln spiritual. Konflik akhir adalah, Pilar sadar ia ingin bersatu dg tmnnya sang santo itu tadi, tapi dia takut jika sang santo bersatu dg dia, sang santo akan jadi ‘manusia biasa’ yg g bisa lagi mengabdi pd Tuhan sebagai santo. Akhirnya Pilar memutuskan, dia juga ingin bersatu dg sang santo & ikut mengabdikan seluruh hidupnya juga untuk berceramah dll. Tp d sisi lain, tnyt sang santo merasa Pilar akan menderita kalau ikut hidup bersama dia menjadi santo.. Karena shok larilah si Pilar, dan akhirnya dia menumpahkan ke-haru-biru-nya dia ke sungai Piedra..

Di akhir cerita tanpa epilog, kalimat akhirnya adalah
I looked out at the river for some time. And I cried until there were no more tears.
Then I began to write.

Titik. Itu thok. :D :D. Gantung kan??

Nah di versi epilog, tiba2 sang santo datang ke Piedra & menjemput Pilar. Ini kalimat akhirnya
"I don't know. But the Goddess has always given me a second chance in life. And She is giving me that with you. She will help me to find my path again."
"Our path."
"Yes, ours."
He took my hands and lifted me to my feet.
"Go and get your things," he said. "Dreams mean work."

Wah jadi penasaran juga, iseng2 baca resensi yg versi indonesia. Yg menarik adalah, rata2 resensi yg dibikin oleh cewek, bunyinya gini: ‘sayang akhir ceritanya menggantung. Kalau saya sih… lebih suka mereka berdua bersatu dan menikah..’. Aku tanya Rial, “versi bahasa indonesia yg kamu baca, ada epilognya ga sih?” dia bilang ga ada.. trus aku ceritain versi bhs inggris yg ada epilognya, dia blg, “wah.. ya bagusan ceritanya nggantung emang..”
Dasar cowok! :D :D. waktu aku diskusi sm p made, beliau juga blg gitu “iya kalo aku lebih suka menggantung endingnya!!”

Nah karena aku Fraeulein :p, tentu saja aku lebih suka yg versi epilog, krn jelas bhw akhirnya kedua insan (halahh) ini bersatu. Yah carol boleh lah g suka dg ceritanya yg klise & sedikit absurd, tp aku suka tuh (sambil berdoa semoga kami berdua bisa seperti Pilar & santonya.. amin.. amin.. :p).
telpon Periplus, eh untung kok ada. Ke sana pun g langsung beli, minta dibukain dulu plastiknya “ada yg mau saya liat mas!” ya apalagi yg mau diliat kalo bukan epilogue nya… wahahaha…. Kalo g ada epilogue nya ya ga jadi beli, wekekekek… dasar fanatik.. nah, ternyata ada.. Y sudah, dibeli :D. bingung deh, lha yg di versi harper itu kok g ada ya??

2. Di Tepi Sungai Piedra Aku Duduk dan Tersedu (atau Menangis?)?
Ntar diterusin ngetiknya kalo sempet :p.

3. 'A Novel of Forgiveness'?
ini juga kl sempet :D

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

review: twilight

review: twilight
Stephenie Meyer
(i'd like to write another blabbing review for this book in Bahasa Indonesia )
…were this book a boy, I'd definitely have a crush on him first time I meet him .. how wouldn't you, if you see this seemingly helplessly-in-love girl on the cover, with New York Times Editor's Choice, Publishers Weekly best Book of the Year, and Top Ten Best Books for Young Adults stamps next to it?

But actually what made me have a crush on the boy book, was when I spotted the back cover:

"Tentang tiga hal aku benar-benar yakin:
Pertama, Edward seorang vampir.
Kedua, ada sebagian dirinya--dan aku tak tahu seberapa dominan bagian itu--yang haus akan darahku.
Dan ketiga, aku mencintainya. Dan cintaku padanya teramat dalam dan tanpa syarat.

..which in English (english version book) would be..
About three things I was absolutely positive:
First, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him–and I didn’t know how dominant that part might be–that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.

Ahaha.. don't care about the 1st & 2nd Edward things.. one that's eye-catching for me was the "cintaku padanya teramat dalam dan tanpa syarat" part . To me, this indonesian-translated sentence was more beautiful than the original version..

About the book itself, well, this 518-page thick one was 'okay' for me.. There was a great expectation at the beginning, reading some reviews about the book which said "addictive", "equal with Harry Potter and Eragon", 4 out of 5 stars", and so on..

So this is about human Bella and vampire Edward, who were (desperately) so in love. Well I have to admit that the way the story told was indeed very noble, which made it more than just an ordinary love story about two youngsters, one of which happened to be a vampire.. Details were good to me, these vampire things were well detailed..

Conflict? well conflicts included in the story were definitely Edward-Bella's obstacles, as Bella risked her life being Edward's potential prey and how hard Edward's affection conquer that.. And conflict inside the fellow vampires themselves, which would risk Bella's life even more.. Not so much conflicts as in Harry Potter :p.

So I think I would say... if you want to nobly fall in love with a vampire.. (or you're a vampire want to nobly fall in love with a human girl..) read this. Although you've been in love before, you would be again. Promise.

Different versions**

In Bahasa Indonesia version, the back cover includes another excerpt which later I didn't find in the original english version. Whereas actually this excerpt attracted me more:

Ini adalah kisah cinta terlarang. Dan seperti cinta terlarang lainnya, cinta ini tak mengenal jalan kembali, selain menjadi hidup dan sekaligus mati pada saat yang sama.

don't know, I didn't find this excerpt in the original version (note: I haven't read the original one :p). so if I translate this one it'd be:
This is a forbidden love saga. And just like another forbidden love, there is no way back. This kind of love can only be surviving, and at the same time, die.. translation, eh?? for a non-lingusitic graduate :p.
Man... forbidden love.. so me . Why is it called 'forbidden' when it is 'love'???

*Anyway, thanks to my cousin, who asked me to buy this book for him, and let me read this book first before I send it to him. Otherwise I wouldn't be interested in it ;).

**if you want to see different versions of the cover, check

in Bahasa Indonesialater :D.. got to go to the university...

Monday, 21 July 2008

Cooking Measurement: to be more exact in cooking :D

I want to be more exact..

*halah2.. gr2 keseringen liat resep inggrisan kok tiba2 pgn nulis inggrisan ya?? :p*

I want to be more exact... in cooking :p.

Man! My background is exact science, where people should do the calculation exactly,
at least as close as two numbers after the decimal separator.. As a matter of fact, I teach subject called 'Electrical Measurement' and am in the lab with the same name, and I should say that in metering, high accuracy is very important. A 5 % accuracy, for a meter, is considered very low.

Well then it goes a bit ironic, that in cooking I do the opposite. As I don't have any prepared kitchen scale, I use feelings :p to measure some cooking ingredients , which of course ends up in relatively high tolerance and relatively low accuracy measurement
. Therefore I want to be more exact in cooking too!

1st idea was to create my own conversion table of cooking :p, which won't be too complete because I don't need all of the parts now. The interesting thing is.. during the searching from many sources I couldn't find the same conversions. 1 cup of all-purpose flour can be 225 grams, 230 grams, or it even depends on the cup, whether it's US or metric one. If I add my dad's big cup :D, it'd be even different.

That's why we need a standard cup. In scientific language, we need standard systems of units, which defines standard unit in which a quantity is measured. Because my cup is different than yours, my dad's cup is different from mine, etc.. And that's why we need a standard of unit, for example, meter for length. 'a meter' here and
'a meter' there and in everywhere are the same. Again, that's why we need a standard cup, so that the cup in the recipe measures the same flour as my cup do.


1 Cup
1 Tablespoon
16 Tablespoons
3 Teaspoons
All purpose flour
1 Cup
230 Grams
Butter1 Tablespoon
14 Grams
Granulated sugar
1 Cup
1 Tablespoon
200 Grams
12.5 Grams
1 Cup
1 Tablespoon
1 Tablespoon
230 Ml
15 Ml
15 Grams
1 Tablespoon
18 Grams

Anyway, there are several systems of measurement: Metric System, US System, etc. And so, it surprised me a bit that in cooking there are also US cup and metric cup .
So this is the table we're talking about :p. As simple as what I cook :p.
Oh, and as yesterday I cooked too few potatoes , so I would add some more items in the table later (as how many grams a potato weighs etc etc..).

Froehes Kochen!!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Bella Cantik™-

...Awalnya, kemarin salah satu sepupu bejat ku, ~Rial, telpon. Cerita-cerita-cerita.... trs aku bilang, "eh hari ini ultahnya BELLA lho..."
"Bella SOPO?"
"Bella Cantik™.."
"Heh? Siapa ya?"
"Heh??? O iya ya.. :D... y udah.. kirim2 ya fotonya!!"

Bella Cantik™
Bella Cantik™, ini memang nyebutnya harus nyambung, trus memang sdh jadi trademark, awalnya sih dari si Nenek Bella™, alias Yu Nini , yg kalo ngudang Bella selalu bilang "Bella Cantik™.. Bella Cantik™.." diulang2 ky mantra.. akhirnya kita juga ikutan kalo bilang Bella harus ditambah Cantik :p.
Nah atas request Rial, sekalian aja tak upload foto2nya si cantik ini dari awal sampe pas dia ultah kemaren, weheheh... tambah g jelas wes ini blog arahnya kemana... :D. Mulai foto2 mesin2, foto2 makanan, foto bayi, semua ada. (oiya, kl mau liat besarin fotonya klik aja d fotonya...)

Si cantik lahirnya 30.06.07, trus bbrp saat kemudian (g ada info yg valid ttg kapan ini.. wekekek... aku jga g tau, wktu itu aku msh di jerman :p yah kira2 aja) diadakanlah acara di rumah Nenek Bella™.

-Nenek Bella™ yg mlh bikin nangis :D --> sampe nutup mata keseremen :p-

Bbrp bulan kemudian adalah momen langka, krn si cantik ini lagi mengobral senyum... ayo ini fotonya.. nikmati sebelum dia mogok senyum.

-punk- -giliran sama Cinta Laura :D aja lgsg sumringah :D-

Pas lebaranan ini sebenere semua juga pada ngumpul,,, tp krn dari dulu juga fotonya sdh mau t'upload & t'tambahi tulisan2 aneh2, jd t'keluarin skr aja ya!

-kedatangan sang pewaris kekayaan klan Soeprapto-

-mulai ngantuk- -mulai bete, ini nenek nyebelin banget sih :D- - ewwwwwww.... wek wek-

nyampai di tempat tidur, si cantik langsung memulai kegiatannya sebagai pewaris pertama kekayaan klan Soeprapto.. Hobinya baca Jawa Pos tapi yg Ekonomi Bisnis.

-liat kurs Euro dulu- -minta diambilin telpon mau ngecek kurs di BI-

-ngecek kurs Euro di BI- -kok g sama ky di koran y??-

Ultah Bella Cantik™
Huuuuuuuuu.... penonton kecewa.... ultah 1 tahun di McD isinya cemberut terus. Muka dilipet2,, dideketin ibuku langsung nangis (oh, kalo yg ini sih normal, ibuku kan emang nyeremin wekekekek... ).. Bella Cantik™ kenapa cemberut nak... apa karena Euro sekarang sdh tembus 14 rebu??? Aku juga sedih nak... mahal banget ya :p...

-wekekeke... dicium papa mama malah melengos-

Familie Arman

HOAAAAA..... ngantuk... wis ah, pokoke janjiku kirim foto Bella Cantik™ sdh kupenuhi... kpn2 sambung lagi....